Saunamill OÜ

Saunamill was established by group of motivated people who have lot of experience and knowledge in sauna building. Our purpose is to offer companies and private clients quality sauna experience with all the benefits that come with that experience. Saunamill will design, build and install all the needed equipment that the clients have ordered. Our team is connected by people who have enough experience so we can build the most elaborated sauna and steam room designs and spas.

Steam rooms

Steam rooms, because of their humidity and heath, offer excellent health benefits and prevention for respiratory diseases, in addition onetime sauna use burns 600 calories. Saunamills team has worked out steam room versatile conception that offers best experience for everyday user, personal spas, hotels and water parks. Our steam rooms offer special experience.


In Nordic and Estonian culture steam rooms are highly appreciated and loved as a way of relaxation, also Saunamill team finds it important. Every sauna for us is special and unique and because of that we have looked for people to be part of our team who have lot of experience in building saunas who can always offer the best possible solutions.